Buying Power Bank in Nigeria 2019: A Buyer's Guide for Portable Smartphone Battery Pack

Are you planning to buy a power bank in Nigeria? If you answer yes to this question then, this buyer’s guide is written for your sake. Needless to say, the Nigerian market have been flooded with inferior quality power banks. These fake portable chargers come with them huge battery capacity like 30,000 mAh, 50,000 mAh and anything like. However, their prices are too good to be true. Imagine this Power Bank sold on jumia for N3,500 claiming to have a capacity of 30,000 mAh and can be solar charged?

Well guess what? I have used something like this, the solar panel won’t get the power bank charged and you are not getting anything near 10,000 mAh. Total waste of time and money. The fact that fake power banks even get their ways into popular e-commerce stores in Nigeria is even alarming.

To help people make the right choice regarding the best power banks to buy in Nigeria, we have written this guide. Before you buy that portable charger ask yourself? Is the specification too good for the price? For in a bid to minimize cost, you might end up miximizing it. Below are the things you are to consider before buying any power bank or portable phone charger as some call it in Nigeria. In the article, power bank, portable charger and battery pack all mean the same thing.



The battery capacity of portable chargers is measured in mAh (Milli Ampere Hours). Good enough, your phone battery capacity is also measured in mAh. This means you can tell if a particular power bank can charge your phone and how many times. All things being equal, the larger the mAh, the higher the number of times it can get your phone charged.

However, that does not mean you should go for the highest capacity you can afford to buy because big capacity power banks are usually heavy and less portable. Aside the size, it takes more time to charge and occupies more space.

My advice to you, buy the power bank that falls in the range of what you require. For an average smartphone battery capacity, use the below as a guide in knowing your need.

  • 2500 – 3500 mAh capacity = 1 full charges
  • 5200 – 6500 mAh capacity = 2 full charges
  • 10,000 – 16,000 mAh capacity = 3 – 4 full charges
  • 20,000 – 40,000 mAh capacity = 5 – 10 full charges

If you live in a city where you hardly go a day without light then a fully charged phone and a small capacity battery pack is the best for you. If you’re going out for camping, living in a place where you see light once in a blue moon then going for something big is the best.

Be warned though, it is useful to spend a little more to save you further costs. This means you should go for branded power bank branded with its real capacity. You cannot get a high capacity power bank cheap. If a power bank is cheap and claims high capacity, just know, it is fake. Open your eyes, the biggest scam in the power bank manufacturing industry is faking its capacity. You have to be on the lookout else, you would be duped.


There’s something you are not always told when been told about power bank capacity and the number of time it charges your phone – charge conversion rate. That your smartphone battery capacity is 5000 mAh and your power bank capacity is 5200 mAh does not mean you are going to get a full charge. This is as a result of the charge conversion rate.

For good power banks, you are offered anything between 75 to 85 percent charge conversion. This means if you own a 5000 mAh battery pack, expect only one full charge for a smartphone with battery capacity of 3000 mAh.


One of the factors to consider when buying a power bank is the number and type of ports. With the two conditions above gotten right, flop in this and get frustrated. The type of port would determine if your phone get charged quick or crawl its way like a snail before getting full. Make sure your battery pack comes with a 2A output port for faster charging.

For those having the need to charge more than one cell phone at a time, they should go for portable charger with more than one output port. Make sure that at least one of these is a 2A output. If you have a USB Type-C port on your phone, buying a USB Type-C power bank is the best, to avoid relying on adapters.

The only way you know if your power bank is fully charge or discharged is by indicators in form of led lights or a small LCD display screen. Avoid buying power bank without any of these to avoid frustration.


This is supposed to be the determinant of the kind of power bank you want to buy. If your budget is small, have realistic expectation so you get something good within that range. If you need help, we are here to guide you!


Although you can make use of your phone charger USB cable to charge your phone, it does not hurt if you take note of the one that came with power bank. It length and thickness together with-it quality can significantly impact charge conversion rate.


My advice, go for power banks manufactured by known brands if it means compromising a bit on battery capacity. There are some things that you get from known brands like fast charging, superior built quality, charge conversion efficiency, corrosion resistance, durability, charge time, over-charging and short-circuit protection among others. With known brands, you are using a tested and trusted solution. Some of these includes Anker, Xiaomi, Ramoss, New Age, Fill, Innjoo, Oraimo, etc.

Also note something here, aside the battery capacity, the branding of the power banks is also one of the most faked practice in the industry. You see a lot of power banks being sold as Samsung, Tecno or even Fil but are made by unknown manufacturers. Before spending a dime, ask the seller and ask for guarantee (you don’t get this from those hawking it at motor parks).

With all these factors to consider before buying a power bank in Nigeria, it becomes time consuming to choose from the arrays of both good and bad power bank in the Nigerian market. We have taken away this stress and had chosen the best power bank in the Nigerian market right now.

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